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ITU Urban and Environmental Planning and Research Centre

Istanbul Technical University (ITU)
Urban and Environmental Planning and Research Centre
Istanbul Technical University Faculty of Architecture, Taskisla No: 114
Tel: +90 212 249 28 34
Fax: +90 212 251 78 31

In the 1980s, a structural re-organisation effort was carried out with the establishment of research centres in several fields. The Urban and Environmental Planning and Research Centre is designed to carry out research and consulting related to environmental and urban planning issues and architecture. The centre is organised into six units: (1) urban planning; (2) history of architecture and restoration; (3) architectural design; (4) environmental engineering; (5) environmental control; (6) landscape architecture.

Activities include urban planning, environmental pollution, research in ancient sites, survey of conservation areas, restoration of buildings, and generation of information on works of art and architectural design. The Centre coordinates and contributes to research activities, provides communication, and works in collaboration with other institutions on national and international levels.

Other activity areas of the Centre are professional training and seminar and workshop organisation on urban and environmental issues, especially for municipality staff. The Centre also participates in and organises meetings and conferences, and makes publications on the subjects of research units. Technical reports and consultancy are provided upon request to the public and private sectors. All academic staff of Istanbul Technical University are members of the Centre. Professionals or academicians from other institutions can also contribute to research and implementation studies. The members of different interdisciplinary backgrounds have conducted several implementation projects on urban planning and environmental engineering on national and international levels.

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