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Call for Nominations - IPHS EAPH PRIZE 2010

Starting in 2010 at the Istanbul Conference of IPHS, a new prize will be offered in the planning history of East Asia. It will be awarded to the best article in a refereed English-language academic journal published in the previous two calendar years before an IPHS Conference. The aim of this prize is to encourage young scholars of East Asia (under 40 years old) to engage in planning history and to publish their work in English. It is also meant to expand IPHS membership in East Asia. The winner shall be a member of IPHS at the time of awarding the prize and should attend the Istanbul conference in order to receive the prize and to present his/her work. There is a cash prize of 300 Euros.

To qualify for entry, work submitted for consideration should be concerned with the planning history of East Asia: the countries and regions of China, Hong Kong, Japan, the two Koreas, Taiwan and their neighbouring areas, including their sub-regions and cities. Applications are invited from scholars for publications that appeared between January 2008 and December 2009. A complete application will consist of:

- Application Form (including a 400 word statement and a short CV of the author). To download application form, please visit:

- a copy of the publication

The period for receipt of submissions is only from 1st September to 15th December 2009. Authors will submit their applications electronically to the five EAPH Prize Committee members listed below.

The Committee members are:

Professor Shun-ichi J. Watanabe, Tokyo University of Science, Japan (Chair of the Prize committee)

Professor Fukuo Akimoto, University of Kyushu, Japan (Vice-Chair)

Professor Carola Hein, Bryn Mawr College, USA

Professor Andre Sorenson, University of Toronto, Canada

Professor Anthony G.O. Yeh, University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong.

Management Principles of the East Asia Planning History Prize